The Regime is a PST Everquest Guild on the Agnarr server. We like to progress, have fun, and kick it in the raid scene. Our raids start at 7pm PST Mon/Weds/Sun. We raid 3hrs + an extra optional hour. As such, we cater to the late evening players! Loot is DKP based. Entertaining skilled, fun, and positive members. 


Our first Velious raid night was a raging success. We downed 6 major raid targets, including the expansion's most difficult encounter: Avatar of War - and ALL on our first attempt. 

Screenshots to be posted soon!

VP Cleared!

[CRM] morphanite Officer posted Oct 14, 17

Only a couple weeks after our first VP raid, The Regime has now cleared the entire VP zone (finishing off the last tiny bit of Kunark raiding content)

We are excited to put this place on farm mode, as we look forward to Velious.

The Regime enters VP!

[CRM] morphanite Officer posted Oct 1, 17

After a few months of doing VP keys and gearing up, The Regime was pretty excited about our first VP raid:

With a few groups of pure Regime, we explored the zone, took down some targets, and had a blast.

We heard something about Phara Dar loot, so we decided to check it out...

This week we expect to get a bunch more people keyed up, and are looking forward to having a clean sweep of the zone.

As we finish off Kunark and start to look ahead to velious, the Regime is looking for a few more dedicated raiders to fill out our roster. Almost all classes are now open, with a higher need for some Bards and Wizards. Send any of our members a tell in game, or apply on the forum to find out more!

VP Keys

[CRM] morphanite Officer posted Sep 17, 17

The Regime working hard in Swamp of No Hope for the ground spawns!

VP Soon!

Gorenaire Dead!

[CRM] morphanite Officer posted Sep 13, 17

Not sure why we did it, but we did it!

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